About Us

Our Story

Cibari Biosciences® is part of the Kay Dee® group of companies that has been an agricultural business since 1928. For more than 90 years, Kay Dee has been a leader in crop and animal nutrition with innovations in fermentation, protein hydrolysates, and fertilizers.

Our Mission Statement

To enhance global food production in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Our Name

Our company is dedicated to nourishing nature – sustainably and environmentally friendly. Our name reflects that. The Cibari part was adopted from the Latin word Cibare “to feed, to nourish, to fertilize”. The Biosciences part was included to embrace the biology of living organisms and to embrace the science of innovations in biotechnology, fermentation, protein hydrolysates, and fertilizers.

For More Information

Ph: 1-712-277-2011