Cibari Biosciences®


Cibari Biosciences® is dedicated to nourishing nature in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We’re bringing innovation to the crop production market with our peptide protein product, PeptiGro®, a liquid mixture that maximizes crop yields in a variety of growing environments.

Cibari Biosciences® is part of the Kay Dee® group of companies that has been an agricultural business since 1928 and a leader in crop and animal nutrition, with innovations in fermentation, protein hydrolysates, and fertilizers

PeptiGro - Building Blocks to Higher Yields

Maximize Your Yield Potential

Amino acids are the building blocks of plant proteins. PeptiGro® is a liquid mixture of beneficial amino acids and short-chain polypeptides that maximizes yield in a variety of favorable and unfavorable environments. PeptiGro® is an exciting, new, proactive tool to use in your foliar and in-furrow fertilizer program.

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